Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ya! Prescribe me a day in a life of someone else! Thats what I need! I hate my life to the max! WHY???

I thought my life would be better with college and all. Was overjoyed when got the PTPTN Loan. Everything was going smoothly, I enjoy my college life, I love my friends and lecturers. Loved the assignments and the environment. I thought I don't have to worry bout $$$ when I get the loan. Turns out I was WRONG!

The April - July semester costs RM2590, its alright cuz I have the loan in my bank. But the August - Jan semester costs another RM2590 but the next transfer from the PTPTN will only be in November! What the hell? And I ask for delay, all the admin could tell me was "settle it on your own".
Another thing is a laptop! Laptop is crucial for my assignments this coming semester and I don't have one! Can't get one either cuz can't afford, I can't even touch my loan money! DAMN iT! I HATE EVERYTHiNG!

Joseph - TRY MY LiFE!


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