Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Redbox is Han Chiang College...LOL

Redbox was packed with Han Chiang students today. Haha, everywhere I turn, its my coursemate. My batch and the seniors' batch. LOL! I went with Suet Ling, Li Wen, Eleen and Yue Ling. We bumped into Shine, Pui Rong, Bao Yu. Then bumped into Siew Hui, Leslie, Cynthia and Henry. After that, Celine, Ah Moo and another classmate. LOL!

We join Leslie's room after we finished ours. There, we as in Suet Ling, Cynthia, Siew Hui, Leslie and Myself, we danced to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. My gawd! Siew Hui is exactly like Gaga especially when she do her pose. Han Chiang has got a Gaga (Siew Hui) and Adam Lambert (Me)!!!

Redbox!!! Update your songs with Adam Lambert's!!!

Joseph - Lalala~


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