Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Down UNDER...

Not Australia, just The UNDER Shop in Queensbay Mall. First day working there today. I'm not a part time nor a full time staff there. I'm what u call a Replacement Staff, haha. I only work there when one of their part timer or full timer goes on a day off. What a joke...

Anyways, I had fun there today. I got to play my songs there so it wasn't that boring. Got along with my colleageue, Connie as well. Gain few new friends. And now I'm starting to be obsessed with underwears...especially sexy ones. LOL!

Here's a funny experience. A Korean man walked in this afternoon. He was looking for SkinXWear underwear. He could have just tell me the size and the type that he wants. Instead, he pull up his shirt and show me his underwear. Not only did I not see any underwear, I SAW HIS PUBiC HAiR! Disgusting!

Joseph - UNDERman?


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