Saturday, January 22, 2011


I like Cheryl Cole and I like her new album called Messy Little Raindrops. It sounds nice and it's like a follow-up album title. Although the first album was named 3 Words, she had a song inside titled Rain On Me and when you picture the song Rain On Me together with the new album's name, Messy Little Raindrops, its like telling a story.

The first single was Promise This. Cheryl has some French lyrics going on in the song. My favourite line would be from the chorus where Cheryl sings, "Promise this, if I die before I'm awake. Promise this, take your time to say a grace. On your knees, you'll pray for me. Promise this, be the last to kiss my lips".

Been scouting around YouTube and I found another song by Cheryl called The Flood. Cheryl's songs have very meaningful lyrics I would say. Seriously in love with this song. She sings "But you can't hold on to water. It fills you up but never stay, its only good for wash away. And you're loving me like water, bringing on the flood". It is true when someone love you like water. You see them or you are in a relationship and don't feel like you're in a relationship.

Gaga's new songs are pretty good too. The new ones are better than her Fame Monster album if you were to ask me. The slow numbers here are superb. Take songs such as Then You'd Love Me, Second Time Around and Perfect. Is it my emotions lately that I am listening to such songs? God kows.

"I'm so unpredictable, you don't know what to think. so unemotional, wonder if I'm even still in love. You see, I don't know what to tell you now. It's always harder the second time around. If I was the last girl (boy in my case) and you were the last boy, left here on this planet. There was an earthquake. Maybe then you'd love, maybe then you'd love me. If there was an earthquake. I know its easier said than done and after all these lies I keep telling myself. Help me from falling apart. I'm broken, not perfect and it hurts".


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