Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday With The Girls

It was Saturday and I headed to Chic Pop Street Market by Tongue iN Chic at Jaya One. It was great except for the fact that most items are for ladies. The only booth I really enjoyed was the Lomo's booth. Too bad, can't afford them. I want Fisheye or Diana! LOL?

Anyways, I went with Soo Lyn, Chean Ling and Ashley. We later on had our lunch at Kissaten.

 Chean Ling reccomended the Pork Burger. PORK! Yay! Haha. Enjoyed it very very very much! Its only RM10.90!
Rest of the day was in Tropicana Mall, grocery shopping cuz couldn't get anything from the street market. The girls got themselves things though. UNFAiR!


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