Friday, January 21, 2011

Read This If You Will

Dear God,

Can you let me have a happy life for once? Even if you can't afford to let me be happy, can you at least let me enjoy a day where I am truly happy? Can you? You can't...because you never did so.

I hate the fact that you created love. I hate the fact that I learned what is love. I hate that I got to know this feeling because love did not bring me love. It only brought me sorrow, sadness, anger, dishonesty and all of the other emo feelings. The love that you created and showed to others are nice and pleasant. The love you've showed me, only breaks me every single day. Can you show me a type of love where I can really count on and believe? I don't think I can believe in this thing called love until someone suitable/right comes along but then again, there never will be one.

I just want to feel loved. IS THAT SO WRONG? They say everybody, deserves somebody to be with them. Everybody has their somebody but why don't I have one? IS THAT SO WRONG?


-aLEx- said...

Just live with the flow. Don't rush into things and when the right one appears, you would eventually know it and you will see the true happiness deep within ;)!

Sometimes in life, we just gotta be patient? :D
I duno xD

Joseph said...

thanks, Alex

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