Friday, January 14, 2011

Wendy's @ Jaya One

Was craving for McDonald's Spicy Ayam Goreng but unfortunately, due to Jaya One's status, there's no McD. Went round searching for McD's replacement. Found Wendy's and surprisingly, they have Fried Chicken so there I go, ordering my chicken. Asked for spicy and two ribs. The staff got blurred out while getting my chicken. They were saying amongst themselves that there's no ribs, no ribs. The cook kept saying "Ada, tadi kak masak cantik cantik lagi." There I was rolling my eyes.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Yesterday went to Guardian to get medicine for my dizziness and the staff kept going back to Panadols. I told them its different and they weren't enlightened. I asked, "do you have any medicines for dizziness/nausea?" The staff replied, "for?" in which I said again, "dizziness/nausea." Then she asked me again, "Yea, tapi untuk sakit apa?" I felt so insulted that I replied, "Kepala pening, faham tak? Kepala pening dalam Bahasa Inggeris tu dizzy lah." Then she gave me...Panadols. I told her, "Panadol saya pun tau, melambak kat rumah. Sakit kepala dan pening tak sama, tau tak?" Damn idiotssss!

Back to Chicken in Wendy's. After they took their own sweet time to get my chickens, they gave me 1 spicy and 1 original. I was like, as dumb as you are. I don't wanna argue. I just want to have my lunch.

Geez, memang bodoh!


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