Monday, January 10, 2011

KL - Day 4our

Day 4 - Officially start internship today. Alarm did not work, woke up at 9.20am. Luckily housemate was very kind to drop me off. Thanks, housemate!

Was super nervous bout the internship. Scaryyyyy. Scare say wrong things, do wrong things. But then again, things are good so far. Went through couple of blogs, get familiarize with Twitter. Facebook and Blog, biasa d. Just had to get used to the layout of KLue's blog. Thank God for Juenn who's my colleague, another intern. She helped me alot today. Getting me through the ropes ^^ Thanks, woman! Haha

We went for lunch together too and she knows this cheap place to eat, hallelujah. And now, I have a project in my hands. Nervous again! I won't screw it up, I am Joseph Pek.

Oh ya, while working I was surfing YouTube and found Gaga's new album to be...AWESOME! I am already in love with Born This Way and Perfect! Check it out~ Oh, and Britney's all hyped up single that is to be release tomorrow? No need hype. Its not even her vocals. Its the songwriter's. Come back? LOL, laughing stock.


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