Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bieber, BLAH

I'm a Bieber Bilieber, NOT! Bieber is OVER-RATED. Get it, people? All these hype with Bieber just because he sang 'Baby' and melt girls' hearts everywhere and some sissy gays. He's coming to KL this April. I wouldn't spend a single dime on Bieber. I would however spend on the veges to throw at him. OMG! He's going to have a movie about his life? What life? He's 16! Which kindergarten he went to? At what age he started to talk, to poop, to curse? I've got way more life story to tell than him. You can't even tell if he's a he or she. Even lesbians wouldn't take him in. Oh and girls go crazy with his hair. I think Jesse McCartney look sooo much better with that hair during his younger days. Cheesy lyrics, You smile...I smile. Soooo Titanic, you jump I jump. I just don't understand the whole Bieber hype. Will it die off soon? Hope so, its annoying.

Bieber Resbian!
Trying tooooo hard to look HOOD?
Presenting...Justin BOTAK


~麟~ said...

Love you Jo.exactly what I'm thinking

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