Monday, January 24, 2011

Say My Name

I've noticed something and thought of posting it up here. So, here goes...

Joseph, Jojo...Joseph...

Why am I repeating my name? Well, thats what this post is about. Don't you realize that lots of artists like to repeat their names in their songs? Most of the time, its at the beginning of the song. Some like to mention their name, some like to mention their label, side-businesses etc. So, who's on the list of Say My Name? The guilty ones are...

Britney Spears! I think she's the one who actually started the whole 'say my name in my song' trend. Remember songs from Britney which starts with 'It's Britney, bitch'? We all adore her and watched he grew from the girl-next door to the mommy-next door to the girl-who shaved her head. Its here,

Gaga's had her fair share of self-name calling. Bad Romance see her mentioning Gaga-Olala during her live interpretation of Bad Romance. Her Christmas tune, Christmas Tree sees her collaborating with Space Cowboy and its both of them mentioning each other's name by the end of the song. It goes, 'Space Cowboy, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga'. You can check this song out if you want. Its at

Newcomer to the scene, Jessie J released her first single titled Do It Like A Dude and the very first line? Her name :) Well, it's a bit more subtle. Song's not bad. "I can do it like a brotha, do it like a dude. Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you"

Ms. Red Head here has a few hits where she mentioned her name but I don't really remember the title. One of them was with Sean Paul's Turn It Up. There was mentioning of RiRi which is Rihanna's nickname. Well, a nickname is still a name, right?

Beyonce, she likes to sing praises to herself, LOL! She likes to call herself B in her songs. There was one where she collaborates with Alicia Key in a song called Put It In A Love Song. It went 'Whaddup A (for Alicia Keys), whaddup B, want them to say, whoaaaa!'

What's your thought on this? Actually, the ONE person who mention his name ALOT in his songs is AKON. He mention it EVERY single time he opens his mouth. There has to be Akon, Konvict, Music. Yeah, dude...we get it. You were a konvict which is spelled CONViCT and your name is Akon and you do music. We get it, okay?


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