Friday, January 21, 2011

KL - Concrete Dreams

2 weeks has passed since all of us start our internship. Again and again, I find myself in a situation where I have to explain myself what exactly I am doing. FYi, I am still a student. I am doing my internship then will be back to continue 2 more semesters.

I am placed in Freeform Media under KLue magazine's editorial department as an intern. Things that I have done so far are FUN. You thought you'd be okay living in a strange land but no. I am not okay. I am an outgoing person and coming to KL with not much friends around is boring. Well, friends are around but everyone is busy with their internship. Have to drag my sorry ass out every morning to take the freaking bus that cost me 1hour every morning. Going back also have to worry because there's no transport. Freaking bus stops like 300m from work place. Or take a cab but burns a freaking hole in pocket. As of today, I am left with RM8 in my wallet. I've been doing some stuffs to do with food of late. Well, I guess I didn't really get to express my knowledge or interest as I am more towards music, fashion and the whole entertainment thing. I am some sort of a Gossip Girl, well with balls that is...

I do not regret coming here for my internship because I learn a lot from KLue. Not only learnt a lot but I gained a few friends that I like very very much. Always been a little prince at home where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at the dining table, clothes are being washed by mommy dearest, companionship wasn't hard to find. If no one, then there's my dogs. Coming here, I have to wash my own clothes, fork out my own money for food and realizing what mommy dearest did everyday is very very VERY tiring. I wash my clothes every single day, double wash it just to be sure. I kinda enjoy washing clothes but only by the use of washing machine, not hand-washing, haha.

Another part of it is that I am abit tired out that I have to hide myself. Not literally but I have to hide my personality. I am tired of faking myself. It will eat me up slowly, haha. What to do? I am who I am, LOL...


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