Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Just Had Sex

He Just Had Sex & He Wants You To Know

Yeah, notice the title? That's Akon's latest single. Well, I think cuz I don't really care much about Akon except that he is ridiculous. Akon ALWAYS starts his songs with "Akon...Konvict, Music" Yeah, I know Gaga always starts her songs with "Little Monsters" or "Gaga" but its way better than Akon's

Okay, what the hell? MJ's gone and only Akon features him in his song called Hold My Hands. When MJ was still very much alive and still pretty much a wacko, nobody cared to give him a spot in the music industry. Now that he's dead and gone, one by one starts to feature him. Let the man rest in peace larh...

Then there's the new single, I Just Had Sex. Great, cool...you just had sex, we don't need to knw :) One part of the lyric sings "I just had sex and I feel so good~" er...sure! What can I say about Akon? I don't really like him except for his first single, Lonely but then again, thats because of the Chipmunks. Akon can go back as a Konvict. A music konvict for creating rubbish songs :) You're a Chihuahua, I'm a Rottweiler!


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