Friday, January 14, 2011

The CLiMB Of Miley Cyrus

Miley, Miley, Miley...
Sweet ol' Miley from Nashville, Tennessee 
Trying too hard to be a grown up?

I used to sing "Now I can't see you again~" Now? "I can't get rid of you" I used to like Miley like ALOT. I even do the whole Hannah Montana song but now she's just trying too hard to be an adult. What is wrong with these Hollywood kids thats trying to grow up so fast? Once they grow a pair of boobs, they wanna flash it and show. Their channel/medium? Vanity Fair magazine. Well, most of them. Who likes having their nude pictures leaked out? In the first place, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TAKE A NUDE PiC of yourself? Just take a look into the mirror need take picture.
Look at my goodies~
Miley Cyrus born Destiny Hope Cyrus. There's no ''Hope'' left for you...Miley Slut Cyrus, perhaps. Each time her publicist or someone clears her name from the whole nude pics, there will be another one or two that surface up. Best part, all self-taken. Look at the angle, its cam-whoring.
See! I'm wearing a GREEN COLORED BRA! Its like soooo eco-friendly

At the recent AMA Awards, Miley was in this dress that made her look like toilet rolls stuck on her heels/back. Miley's choices of outfits hasn't been the right ones lately. One thing about Miley is that she likes something that shows her busts. To flaunt 'em, I guess.
I went to the loo and I stepped on the...

You get the best of both worlds, mix it all together and you know that you get the best of both worlds - Hannah Montana, Best Of Both Worlds

You get the best of my boobs, take a picture of myself and you know that my name is Miley Slut Cyrus - Joseph Pek, Best Of Miley Cyrus


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