Thursday, September 2, 2010

ADULTS Will Always Be KiDS...

GROWN UPS, haha. Aboslutely aMAiZEing movie! The movie starts Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider. A superb cast of comedians and 1 HOT tamale, Salma Hayek.

The storyline to this movie is very simple. These five friends were brought back together during their basketball coach's funeral. All grown up with families and careers of their own. Its summer and their kids don't seem to be having fun the old fashion way. Everything seems to be with Nintendo and TVs and all things gadget. So the dads decides to show the kids what fun is all about. The movie is basically about having fun and leaving your brains at the doorstep when you enter the cinema. The movie have such lame and funny jokes. Gotta watch it to laugh at it, haha...

Toe J. Simpson
You got TOED!
Toe. B 'o Bryant
Mommy, can I have some of her milk?
Mommy, you're wasting
But mommy, it will drink you dry

The best bunch of the jokes, ''Why go to Milan and see skinny models and when you can see this!''


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