Sunday, September 12, 2010


First time going BoomBoom with Joshua, second time with Benny. Damn fun going with these two bitches. We went for dinner first. You know...never drink with an empty stomach. Too bad the food wasn't as good as we expect it to be. We head to Gurney and hang at McD's. Yeah, our lives' been revolving in McD, pretty much. We chat, scan some guys and erm, LOL! Head to BoomBoom at 11.15pm

It was super packed! Thank god I book table earlier. All 3 of us bumped into few people that we did not want to meet. Jason, yeah...Jason Hong was there. He came back from KL. Well, I came with my friends so my main priority were my friends. No longer him, not so foolish anymore. I had tons of fun especially with Joshua and Benny there. I can say there are my TRUE BoomBoom kakis. They get the punchline, the puns, the jokes and everything. So much fun going there with them. Hahaha! Music was GREAT that night and the dances and jokes. Go Freda!!!

My ass got grabbed >.< Got to know few new friends. Actually, I kinda know them from Facebook but was too shy to approach them. So nice of them to approach me instead, haha. Highlight of the night would be when they played Not Myself Tonight and Telephone, Benny and my song!!!

After BoomBoom, we went to have supper. We had Bak Kut Teh!!! So nice to eat with these 2, haha...We were beeping around everywhere.


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