Monday, September 27, 2010

Ga'Hoole~ Hoot Hoot...

The Legend Of The Guardians: Owls Of Ga'Hoole tells of a legendary group of owls called The Guardians. They once fought in The Battle of Iced Claw against the evil Metal Mask. A particular owl called The Lyze of Kiel defeated Metal Mask. The battle was long done and gone. Peace was retain back in the Kingdom of Owls.

Soren, Kludd and Eglantine are young owls learning their ropes in the owl kingdom. They can barely fly. One day, when their parents were out hunting, Soren and Kludd decided to practice their flight. They ended landing very badly on the ground below only to be chase by a enormous rat. They were saved by 2 owls from the clan called The Pure Ones. These owls catch and enslave other owls lower than them. They are lead by Metal Mask and his queen, Nyra. They plot to get rid of The Guardians by collecting pieces of blue-sparkling fragments that affects the owls' geezer. One of The Guardians, Allomere betrayed The Guardians and lured The Guardians to The Pure Ones' nest. Soren's adventure began from the moment he fell on the ground. Little would he know that he will be stuck in a sibling rivalry which will lead him to choose a side. His brother, Kludd chose to stay with The Pure Ones...
The movie is cute, adorable and yet a little bit touching (not till the extend of making you cry larh...) 3D version would be nice but on a personal preference, 2D is enough :) Go see it for yourself.


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