Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Honor...

Han Chiang's 2010 Graduation. Bittersweet moments for both seniors and us juniors. Its so nice seeing the seniors with their achievements and they are like inspiration to drive us to do better and be where they are. Going to miss alot of them as they will embark on their separate journeys. Got to know some a little too late but hey, at least we got to know each other. Congratulations once again!

The first few seniors that I got to know...
A picture with Labung :)
The best of both worlds. One from Mass Comm, the other from Chinese Studies
Shing Zhuan, Anne & Myself
The prettiest girl in Han Chiang, Jia Lin!
Sing Yee and Me. Got to know you few months ago only but it was really nice!
Melody, haha. Prettier by the sem.

All the BEST to everyone! Cheers!


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