Thursday, September 16, 2010

The END Of Me...

Training, training. Come January 2011, I'll need to head to KL for my industrial training. Why KL? There's better prospect there and more opportunities. If I stay in Penang, I can't really do what I want. What I really want? To work in a lively environment which involves entertainment as in music, movie, fashion etc. Thats what I'm meant to do. Majoring in PR & Advertising gave me alot of headaches because of the terms and all but Advertising is slowly bringing out the best in me, so I guess its a good thing. Most of my classmates choose to go to hotels, event planning companies, consultancy, advertising agency and some opt for radio. I'm the only who wants to go to magazine publication. I wanted Galaxie but its in Selangor and I'll be all alone. My lecturer wants to send me to KLUE. Its very entertainment-ish and he says I'll enjoy it there. Supposingly they have events in clubs etc. and plenty of gays for me. I quote from him, LOL!

I am mentally not prepare for the working life but most importantly, I'm FiNANCiALLY NOT prepared for the industrial training. Obviously I will need to spend on house rent and bills. How can I afford those when I only have RM500 left in my bank account after paying my college fees???



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