Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I just found a new definition for BULLY. I got it from a friend of mine named Daryl.

Apparently, BULLY means someone like me. You know, like when I ask questions in class, when I ask questions during classmates' presentation. I ask because I want to learn. Take for example, presentation. I did this topic and you did that topic. Its normal that I ask because I don't understand well or perhaps you didn't explain well enough for me to understand. I'm sorry if I'm seeking knowledge. Another thing that a BULLY does is, he comes home from college after classes from 10am - 5pm and does research and send the links to his members. And also send email in regards to upcoming meeting to understand and discuss about our assignment. Oh ya, being a BULLY means you tutor your classmates when exams are near. Helping them out with assignments or anything they don't understand.

Thanks Daryl for enlightening me :)


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