Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mrs. Lucifer

I was once told that KARMA exist. Now I believe it. Someone who was once my BEST FRiEND who is now a NOBODY in my life is getting the effect. She bitches about everyone. Even her closest friends. People are skeptical about her now. People shy away from her because they are afraid one day, some day, she will turn against them and bitch about them. She craps even about THE NiCEST person on EARTH!

I don't have to say much. Things are taking its course now. She's sad, pathetic and hypocrite. She has no friends because she chased them all away.

Let me tell you this: You don't have to please people or make people happy. You always say you are you and you don't like pleasing people. Who ask you to do so? Just be normal and be yourself. Control your mouth and stop bitching bout people. People who have no connection with you also you wanna bitch. Friends come naturally. You don't have to please them or earn golden stars from them. You say you feel like an outcast for being yourself and you don't regret for being who you are. Have you ever stop and think? People like you for who you are not the monster you're turning into? People have been asking, she used to be so nice. What happened? Why she is so bitter now?

If you wanna continue be like this, please STAY FAR WAY from ALL OF US...


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