Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't trust you and your words anymore. As your classmate and friend, I am very disappointed with you. First semester, I did not group with you. You told me that from second semester onwards, you want to group with me. Fine, I give you the chance this semester. You blew it. I've observed how you react and do things for the past semester. I was very scared to group with you because you lack of discipline and time management. I thought, ''Fine, give him a chance.'' The end result? I find you to be a pretty face. Thats all. How many times you said you will change your ways? That you will not skip this and that? That you'll get rid of your laziness? Plus what you said today, I think its the 3rd time. I'm not the only one who's sick of this attitude of yours. Others are to. You are in my group. And in my group, there's Annie. Both Annie and I have very high expectations when it comes to assignments. You will feel pressured and that I don't care. But if you can't be bothered by it and don't help yourself, no one else can. Even if you make it to class, you sleep. You will ask again what happened in class after the class is over. What is with you and sleep? Are you THAT deprived of sleep? You said you REALLY wanna change this time around? You said that few semesters ago. This is Year2 already. I am tired and sick of asking you to buck up. No more babysitting. I thought I saw this guy who's smart, creative and have his own ways but I was wrong. VERY WRONG.

As a friend, outside of college or minus the assignments, I'm ok with you. When it comes to assignments, you are a liability. You can jeopardize our effort or my effort. You dare to tell me that ''At least you're on time'' when you came at 10am yesterday? I send everyone SMS asking to come college 1hour before presentation to brief about the presentation and let you all go through the slides. I knew you won't come early. I knew it deep in my heart. And you proved me right. You always proved me right about my perception on you. You have never proved me wrong. You ask me to understand your situation and that you're trying to change. You understand mine? As someone who has to remind you this and that? You have a timetable just like me. And yet you don't know half of the classes' time. Are you that blur or just trying to get sympathy/attention? I might be older than you but that doesn't mean I'm your advisor. Reminding you stuffs is not my part-time job. If it is, you should be paying me by now.

You might feel hurt and betrayed but this is for your own good and most importantly, my own good. I can't help but to be selfish this time. You won't learn if I'm too nice to you. I want to be your friend but you just don't know the limit. I am also a student like you. No more than that. Got it? I already give up on you. It is now up to Annie and Hansel if they still want you in our group. For me, its definitely a NO-NO. You can continue playing your life like a game. When you regret it, it'll already be too late. Good luck with your grouping.

The only person that is stupid enough to care and have hope on you now is Kimberley only. Just because she has a crush on you. She's the only one.


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