Thursday, September 16, 2010

EViL Has Its PLAN...

This is my first time watching the Resident Evil movie chains. And my first Resident Evil happens to be Resident Evil: Afterlife which is the 4th installment, haha...

Well, Milla Jovovich still looks hot after so many years and after giving birth to her baby. This is only my second time watching a Milla Jovovich's movie. The first was The 5th Element which she co-starred with Bruce Willis.

The movie started of with Alice, played by Jovovich wiping out The Umbrella Corporation. But during the very last moment when she was about to kill off the head of Umbrella Corp, she was injected with a serum which kills of her T-Virus. Fans of Resident Evil would know that Alice is the only one who could merged well with the T-Virus and not end up being a zombie. With that serum injected, she became human again. She lost all her pyschic power, her accelerated speed, her recovery skills all. Its abit boring without her powers but still she makes up to it with the actions and all her weapons. Haha, the coin rifle. COOL!

Alice went on a quest to find remaining survivors and she heard a signal from supposingly a place called Arcadia. They provide food and shelter and they are infection-free. Alice makes her way there and well...alot of things happen. You've just got to watch it. Oh! Ali Larter from Heroes also stars in this movie :)
Now, if you observe carefully...the ladies in this movie, their make-ups never crack even with the actions and all the fighting and dirt. Haha...the power of make-up!


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