Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Adventure...

10th September 2010 - Accompanied Benny to check out some glasses. This oldman need glasses already now, haha. Prior to that, we went to Gurney couple of days ago to check out some glasses. I found one that I like but sigh, its RM488. No thanks then... Anyways, we went round Gurney and then head to Prangin to check the price. Bought couple of earrings. Benny too but this fellow crazy. Only pierced one hole but bought 5 different earrings. What? 1day 1earring is it? I bought 2. Then we bump into Annie. She went out with a friend to watch Piranha and was heading to watch Step Up 3 in Prangin. We walked round a little while waiting for Annie to finish her movie and go dinner together. This Annie, watch Step Up then got hooked onto dancing and ask us to go clubbing with her. Benny and I managed to persuade her to go BoomBoom but unfortunately, a last minute call came in and Benny had to go back college for a discussion with the lecturers. So, plan cancel. We went to Anne's working place for dinner instead. We talk cock and crap there. I can tell you that we are damn noisy, LOL! Later on, Joshua asked me out so right after Benny drop me off at 9.30pm, Joshua picked me up, LOL! Then we went to Greenlane McD and hang there till round 2am with Dylan and after that, Benny join us. We hang till 4am. Lots of jokes and rubbish involved, LOL!

Joshua & I

Joshua & Dylan


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