Sunday, September 12, 2010

King Of (LAME) Fighters

Kher Shieu asked us out. She wanted to hunt for a bag but she got distracted. She ended up buying ALOT of nail polish. And I mean ALOT! Many many colors >.< We decided to catch a movie and the choice of movie was...The King Of Fighters.

Honestly, I didn't put on too much hope in this movie. There's not even proper publicity and its OBViOUSLY very low-budget. The storyline is not proper. Not much character involved inside. There's Mai Shiranui played by Maggie Q who don't qualify for the role except for maybe the fact that she's Asian and she's got martial arts background. Her boobs were too small to play Mai and her clothes aren't revealing enough. Iori, don't even get me started. Iori in the movie look so FUGLY. Kyo a whiny kid. There's no Athena. Instead, there's Vice and Mature who are supposed to be Iori's follower but ended up doing Rugal's bidding. Ughhh, Rugal. Rugal in the game is hunky and big size. Rugal is movie is small, ugly and UGLY. Arnold Schwarzenegger would play Rugal better. Pamela Anderson would be a good Mai if she's Asian. Chizuru, her ability is to pull out shadows but in the movie, she can multiply herself, =.= Speechless. Oh, oh!!! Kyo apprently uses a katana. The Kusanagi sword, SWT. And the sword was break into two by Orochi possessed Rugal but the katana suddenly appear back in flames and it turns bluish like a Light Sabre. Is this a parody or what? Mai's ability was throwing a paper fan that's in-gulf in flames but all she uses are punches and kicks. And her attacks were of lightning elements. Isn't Mai supposed to be fire element? Zzz...Don't wanna elaborate the movie anymore. I've blog enough, LOL! Major dissapointment.

Don't Watch iT, TRUST ME


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