Friday, February 4, 2011


Coming back Penang, I SMiLED all the way. When the bus was on the Penang Bridge, I couldn't contain my smile. It's so obvious that my teeth were popping outta my smile, LOL! I've never missed Penang like how I miss it now that I've spend a month in KL. I have my biological family here in Penang and at the same time, I have an extended family in KL in the form of my friends and colleagues. Everyone is so nice to me there. I won't consider myself lucky. I am blessed :)

Upon reaching Queensbay (that's the stop point for Aeroline buses), Tang Wai Kit picked me up! Haha, miss you so much KitKit! Well, I thought you were going to drive me home but you took me to Gurney instead, haha. Doing the things we always do when we hang out. Arcade, chilling in Coffee Bean, bitching bout people we don't like, bitching bout people that we like, bitching bout each other. Too bad no King Of Fighters, had to settle for Fate Stay Night. Then we went where ah? Oh yeah, you were supposed to drop me home but you went pass my house on purpose and we ended up in our second home, Greenlane McDonald's. LOL, okay we started bitching again. Oh M Gee, when will we ever stop bitching, haha. 3months tak jumpa, long time huh? You punched me, outta nowhere piggy on me and suddenly ask me carry you. Apa tu? If I wasn't prepared, you sure jatuh, LOL! I would just stand and laugh... So damn fucking sweet of you to think about the things we always do and try to remember what else is missing so we can do it before I go back KL. Awwww...


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