Monday, February 28, 2011


Given a life of fame and fortune infront of you, would you screw it up? Dicky Eckland (Christian Bale)had the time of his life and was at the peak of his game when he defeated Sugar Ray in a match but he screwed it all with the help of drugs. He spent his days in a crack-house, surrounded by prostitute. Then there's Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), his brother who was trained by Dicky himself to be a boxer but Micky although with a great left hook, seem to be just losing in every match until he got the title of "The Stepping Stone" for boxers to rise to fame by defeating him. Micky soon learn that he cannot depend on his brother anymore. Dicky was stoned and high half of the time and always late for training.

Micky fought his way to Heavyweight title through the help of his dad, new girlfriend Charlene (played by Amy Adams) and decides not to have anything to do with his brother anymore. The story here centers on the fight with your inner demons and being able to make things right. Watch it for yourself because although it's not my type of movie, I kinda enjoyed it :)


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