Thursday, October 15, 2009

13th October 2009 - Genting Part I

Its our semester break! And time to hang out with friends. Helen had earlier planned a trip to Genting Highlands. 16 of us joined the trip.

We all waited in Prangin for the bus at 7.45am. The bus left at 8am so we'll reach Genting at 2pm-2.30pm. While in the bus, lots of silly things took part. Mostly from Helen. Haha...

We cracked alot of jokes. We fool around till our second pit stop. Thats when our batteries ran out and we decided to take a short nap. At about 1pm, our batteries were fully charged so all the teasing and laughing continued.

Upon reaching, we checked into First World Hotel. Our gang had 9 rooms all together. 2 person in each room. After checking out our rooms, most of them went to either Winnie or Kia's room to chat. I on the other hand had to take my bath. Then I rest for awhile before joining them.

We took a short walk around and check out the things there. At night, we went to the square and took a look at The Haunted House's area. There were people dressed as ghouls scaring people. There's also a man dressed as a skeleton and this skeleton dances. Some people took on the challenge and danced with the skeleton.

Since our package includes buffet dinner, we head to the First World Cafe for our dinner. It was alright, whatdaya expect? RM89 package, hah....

After dinner, we went around the Genting Resort and took LOTS of photos! With some being very very cheeky.

At midnight, we went to get beers and played Truth or Dare. Oh my god! That shall remain a secret...

The game ended at 2am. After that, Nelson and I head back to our room. We chatted for an hour before we went to bed.

Joseph - OUT!


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