Thursday, October 29, 2009

PROM! I don't know why but PROM!!!

I don't know why I'm posting 'bout Prom but I just feel like experiencing the Prom Experience! Why did Han Chiang cancelled their Prom Nite? Grr...

I used to be soooooo anti-prom but lately been liking formal outfits and man, I wanna experience prom!
Its so unfair, in the western country, they have like junior prom, senior prom, spring prom, college prom and here in Malaysia, you hardly get any prom. Stupid.

If any of you Han Chiang people who's like got 'big cables' or like capable to organize functions, please organize a prom night. It will be rewarding. Come on! Us students need some fun too ya' know?

Joseph - OUT!


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