Friday, October 2, 2009

I wanna be a Lawyer too!

During my last post, I posted about someone being gone. That person is the most annoying person in our class and the entire June 2009 Mass Communication intake.

It was his last day today. He went to the adminstration office to fill out the dropout form. Another classmate (H) accompanied him. He cited in the dropout form that he's dropping out because of financial problem. But when H ask him, he said he wrote there financial problem JUST FOR FUN. Is there such a thing? And that he's actually furthering his studies in Australia. He'll be doing law in Australia and then he'll be back in January 2010 to continue Mass Communication in Han Chiang. BULLSHIT!

Law? Hahaha...SPM English 5C! For god's sake, if you wanna do law, you have to at least gone through STPM or A-Levels. And which Universities in Australia offers a 3 months law course? If got, I also wanna do. Hahaha! What? They'll teach him how to spell L-A-W-Y-E-R there is it? Thats why its only 3 months.

So what if you're dropping out because of financial difficulties? What is so embarassing about that? Most of the Han Chiang students comes from an average family background. Nobody will look down on you. What you're doing now only makes you look even more pathetic. Poor thing...

You need to boast even when you're dropping out of college? Oh my GOD! I can't believe this...

Joseph - OUT!


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