Thursday, October 8, 2009

SORORITY ROW - 7th October 2009

How do I describe this movie, let me see...
Its gory, bloody, bitchy and its a little bit predictable. Predictable as in you know who's gonna die next and who will survive by the end of the movie. But the unpredictable thing about this movie is that you'll be surprised at who's the killer who hunt down the girls.

Overall not a bad movie. I think it can be counted as a must watch considering the gory scenes and they didn't cut any of the gory + bloody scenes.

It started with 6 sorority sisters wanting to play a prank on a junior. They planned this prank to make the junior think that 1 of their sorority sister was dead while he was ML-ing her. They then dragged her body to a lake and told the junior that there's only 1 way out of this. Its to chop her body into pieces and dump her in the lake. The 5 girls pretended to look for sharp objects to dismember the 'dead sister'. Unknown to the junior, 'cause he thought she's really dead, he took one of the equipment from the boot and stab her in the chest which really killed her! Thats when all things start to go wrong. Their prank ended up being real. They dump the girl's (Megan) body into a well.

Fast forward 8months, the girls graduated. They started to receive strange text messages from Megan's cellphone showing the clip of how they accidentally murdered Megan and the weapon used. They were hunt down 1 by 1 by this mysterious person. The killer even killed the innocences. Well, the spoiler ends here. You gotta watch it to know the ending...

Joseph - OUT!


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