Thursday, October 1, 2009

What A Day!!!

Oh crap...Thursday morning = Microeconomics tutorial class. BORING as always! Anyways, move on!

We had break from 12pm-3pm. Went to run some errands to book this and that for project. Then went to the IT lab to waste some time.

Sigh...Siew Ee not going to Genting with us anymore. She's got replacement class and exam on that day. Too bad! I want her to go so bad!

When the girls' English class ended, we went to Harvest InCafe to have our lunch. Helen and Winnie cracked us up as usual.

Back to college for Visual Communication lecture class. Helen CRACKED the whole gang up. Wanna know the detail? Visit my facebook and watch the video of Helen's Feelings. Hahaha. Ms. Ng was just talking bout plastic surgeries and how the procedure works and Helen was there feeling it with sound effect. LMAO!

Joseph - OUT!


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