Thursday, October 15, 2009

14th October 2009 - Genting Part II

2nd day in Genting. Woke up at 7.30am. Nelson suggested that both of us go for a walk and look for souvenirs. Sounds GREAT so off we go. We both bought some souvenirs for our friends but what we bought will remain a secret incase the person reads my blog. Haha...

We went back to our room after that. We planned to go to the Outdoor Theme Park at 10am. Since there's time left, I went to Gary's room and chatted with him and his roomate, CK. Got to know CK better and it turns out, he's a funny guy. Haha...

10am! We all head to the Outdoor Theme Park's entrance. Got our tickets and tags. We went to Kenny Rogers for brunch first before we go crazy with the rides. Brunch done, time for rides! Before we got to the rides, half of them went crazy over the games which involves buying tokens already. And me, being an idiot who knows he has NO LUCK in this kind of game, bought tokens and played also. Was in the moments of excitement, what can I say. Sad to say, I won NOTHING. Kia and Glanned both got Vion and Winnie a teddy bear each. Our first ride was this seat thing that takes you round and round. It gives you that sorta flying experience. Later that afternoon, we found out that somebody got hurt while riding that ride. The person's head got knocked onto a pole. Thank god it wasn't us.

Next ride, Solero Space Shot! This ride takes you slowly to the top and then when you think its going to drop you, it won't. Just when you calm your nerves down, it DROPS you down to the center then propel you up again. The rush of adrenaline was great! Our gang is like the famous gang in Genting because not only we scream in every ride (we even scream in the SLOW monorail) but because we make a fool of ourself by screaming even before the rides start and we also scream along with other people. Ernie and I screamed even when the ride was over. Haha, but it was FUN!

Next ride was the coaster with dragon boat thingy. The ride took us into the Genting Square where KFC was just below us. We screamed our lungs out when we got inside and the people who were dining in KFC halfway got a shocked and looked up at us, speechless. LOL! We did that twice!

We then head to the CorkScrew. Ride it twice. It was really scary at first but by the second round, you kinda get used to it already. During the 160 turn, there was only 1 thing playing in my mind...Final Destination. The rollercoaster reminded me of Final Destination, I was like 'will the screw suddenly become loose???' Haha, silly me!

Few of them went for the Splash Boat ride. Some of us stayed behind 'cause we don't wanna get wet. Not when we're in jeans. Heavy!

Oh, and something funny happened. I wanted to go to the restroom. I went in without seeing the sign. As I was about to open one of the cubicles, a lady came out and stared at me. I walked backwards and at the same time looking for a sign. Thats when I saw the Ladies' sign. LOL! What an experience...

We headed for dinner separately. The inseparable triplets went to Good Friends Restaurant for dinner while the rest of us went to the hotel's buffet. The food there are OVERPRICED!

After dinner, we head to The Haunted House. I went up with Soo Lyn, Grace, Helen, Henry and Glanned. Helen was hangin onto Henry, Glanned hangin onto Helen, Me hangin onto Glanned while Grace and Soo Lyn held each other's hand. But the moment one of the ghouls popped out, Soo Lyn let go of Grace's hand and ran for her life. HAHAHA! That was the highlight of the day.

Second team to go up was Kia, Vion, Winnie, Gary and CK. Instead of screaming and shouting, Winnie laughed to whole way. SWT! We managed to scare them instead at the exit. LOL! Nelson, Meng, Ernie, Yson and Felix didn't join 'cause they were watching some magic show.

After that, I hung out with Helen and Glanned in Coffee Bean. We tagged along with Winnie they all after awhile. My god! They bought Coffee Bean beverages, McD's and went to where to eat? STARBUCKS. What the hell??? Haha...

Winnie suggested to play Truth or Dare in Starbucks, NO WAY!

We head to our room to play it, luckily. Phew!
Sorry, no inside scoop on the game. Haha, we actually changed it to only Dare. Imagine that. It was really FUN though. This OUTRAGEOUS game ended at 4am.

Kia, Vion, Winnie, Meng, Ernie and Nelson cramped in 1 room. So I went to bunk with Glanned. Glanned and I both chatted for about an hour or so before we went PIG mode.

Joseph - OUT!


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