Thursday, October 1, 2009

No World Peace!

After Visual Comm lecture class, I went to Greenlane McD with Amanda. She tutored me Microeconomics. I understand a lil bit here and there but that's not the main point here. The main point is...

I bumped into this Business Studies' student from Han Chiang. Her name is Chrislin or something. Don't know why she give herself such a weird name. Us Mass Comm students were in the same class with her for Moral last semester. She's got this weird vibe. She saw me and kept on waving although my back was facing her till Amanda told there's this weird girl waving. Amanda knew her cuz both were from PFS previously. She asked me 'dating is it?' I told her I came here to study and she ask me where are my notes and books. WTH?! Who is she to ask me all these questions? I showed her my bag and books then she kept quiet. After awhile, she came over to our table and ask what am I revising. I said Micro then she said, 'Oh, I'm taking also.' I was like DUH? You're doing Business Studies of course you're taking Micro. Its a core subject. Then she ask Amanda stuffs which made Amanda uncomfortable. She kept on passing by our table...creepy!

And OMG! While we were there, from 6pm-9.30pm, she DEVOURED 3 Large McValue Meals! What is she trying to do? Try all 10 McValue Meals? Some more she wear two piece, thats why the world got no world peace...

Joseph - OUT!


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