Thursday, October 15, 2009

15th October 2009 - Genting Finale!

Last day in Genting! Got up at 9am but went back to sleep. at 10.30am later on. Tried to wake Glanned up but that fella went PIG mode already. I went back to my room to get ready 'cause we have to check out by 12pm. Gary smsed me at 9am++ asking if I'm awake already or not. I 'replied' him but forgot to send it. Haha...sent the sms an hour later after I noticed it.

At 12pm, we check out and went to have our brunch. Went to Hainan Kitchen. My god! A plate of chicken rice costs RM13.50! OVERPRICED man! RIPOFF! I went with Helen to look for more souvenirs. Bumped into Glanned at level3. Haha! What a surprise.

Shopped around till 2pm. Then we head to the lobby to get our luggage and off we go to the bus terminal! Got on to our bus and boy, it sure was a LONG trip back to Penang. Everyone slept soundly. PIG mode! Haha...

Reached Prangin Mall at 7.30pm. Till we see each other on Tuesday! Which will be our Assessment Test's day. Haha...

Joseph - OUT!


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