Saturday, October 24, 2009

Worky Work Work

Today is the day out of all the working days that I've had! Finally get to be OUTSIDE of shopping complexes/malls for once. Went to mainland, in particular Alma. Its fun! Gary and I there worked there today. Tony fetched both of us. We got to know him more while on the way to Alma. Got to know new colleagues too. Wendy and Firdaus. Great people. Fun day at work. Managed to sign 1 case. Today's work involves handing fliers into mail boxes, haha. But it was really fun somehow. On the way back, lagi fun. Haha. We crack jokes (mostly on me). There were jokes about Alor Setar as well. Swt...

Went to Tesco to accompany Sin Wah for awhile. Poor girl, haha-all alone in Tesco today. WAHAHA...belum makan dinner =( Only had breakfast at 10am till now which is 10pm...

Joseph - OUT!


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