Sunday, October 4, 2009

STRESS! - 3rd & 4th September 2009

Oh gosh! This weekend, Vion, Sin Wah, Gary, Kia & I will be working in Queensbay Mall for P1 Wimax. It's a bigger roadshow. We're competing against another team. We were told by Vion that P1 company expect 3 sales from each of us but our boss expect 2 sales from each of us. I had no luck on Saturday. Pressure! Only Gary and Sin Wah managed to sealed 2 cases.

Today? My god! STRESS still! For 2days, the other team got way more sales than us. What I don't get is, those idiots just sit there and do nothing and yet they have customers walking in to their booth. Today worst! They brought in 2 more team members. 1 malay and 1 indian. Both look like 'ah tu, ah kao' like that. The malay guy some more pierced his ear. He show us his facial expression some more. Come la, you pierce ear so what? I pierce 2 holes, k!

Dare to confiscate our customer some more. Kia briefed 1 customer bout the package and everything and the stupid indian guy tried to snatch the customer away. He failed too in the end. While Kia was briefing the customer in our booth, that indian guy mumbling and complainging to his team member that he got the customer first. GO TO HELL la! What is it with indian guys? They like to make up stories!

Later on, I was briefing a customer and this weird looking guy from the other team came and said he was the one who passed the leaflet to the customer and thats his customer. WTF?

Next, a customer walked in and ask the difference between Static IP and Dynamic IP. He said he's been asking almost all P1 Promoters but no one could answer him. If anyone can answer him, he would sign up. This short and dark guy from the other team came up to me and told me that he was the one who passed him the leaflet just now so I should let him brief the man. Fine, let you brief. By the looks of it, you are no smarter than me. He failed to answer the man also. I went to ask around my friends but I couldn't get an answer. I already planned if I can answer him, I would go to the stupid shortie and snatch the man away by saying "Hello, I think you should let me brief this gentleman, afterall I'm smarter than you"

What a STRESSFUL day! Phew!

Anyways, Sin Wah and Gary managed to get 2 more cases and so did I! I got 2 cases too! 1 of my customer was a customer of mine from my old working place where I work as indoor furniture sales. nice to see them again. Very sweet and polite couple.

Till tomorrow...

Joseph - OUT!


Zemien said...

Hmm... I can explain to you the difference if you're interested. Prepare for future quiz questions from smart customers!

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