Thursday, October 8, 2009


Went to college at 9.26am this morning. Bumped into Nelson, Meng & Ernie. They just finish their Microeconomics tutorial session. Mine's at 10am. We head to the canteen to chat. Helen was there. As usual, all teased Helen. I'm guilty as well. My god! Persuading these people to go the Magic In The Moonlight, STRESS! By the way, its an event organized by The Mass Comm Society.

During Microeconomics class, lagi STRESS! Stupid oldman ask us to copy the tables and questions. WTH? Previously he hand out question papers, nowadays he wants us to copy down the questions. He is DAMN lazy! Waste our time. Think about it! Instead of wasting time writing the questions, we could have use the time to figure out how to answer his stupid questions. Move on...

Break at 11.30am till 3pm. My god! What am I gonna do? Lunched at canteen then head to IT lab where I'm posting this post from. Till next post...

Joseph - OUT!


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