Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6th October 2009

Started the day at 8am with Human Communication class. When I reached college, I head to the canteen. My god, everyone seems so tensed. My classmates were studying for the upcoming Microeconomics Assessment Test. My brain was too blocked and clogged to study for Micro.

Anyways, Human Communication was fun today. Learned about part II of Nonverbal Communication. Break in between at 9.30am so we head to the canteen to hang till 10am. That test was not bad but the way that stupid lecturer organize us, my god! Stupid oldman. And he kept on asking us to do our paper the moment we sit down but he's talking none stop till we couldn't concentrate. Adeline! I salute you! Adeline asked him "Sir, the test start already?", he replied, "Started long time ago." To his suprise, Adeline asked him "Then sir, why are you still talking?" HAHAHA! Serve you right!

I thought I was the first to finish but turns out Nelson finished first but he waited for me to pass the paper then only he join along. LOL! Cute? Anyways, he drop me home then I went for a haircut (details in next post)

2pm, Kelsen's Human Comm tutorial class. Haha, he greeted us outside of the class, no outside the building to be exact. Annie missed the class last week so Kelsen revise back last week's class before moving on to this week's topic. Got him to explain some of sub-topics under Nonverbal Communication that I'm blurred about. Then there's Helen making pig noise in class and also Wei Ching being SOOO random, which made Winnie laugh like well...Winnie.

After class ended, I head to Nelson's Visual Comm class for awhile. Chat with Kher Shieu and Soo Lyn over there. Soo Lyn looked so tired. Kher Shieu turns out to be less emo than I thought. She's just evil. Haha

Kher Shieu wanted to go 'kai-kai' but nobody wants to go except me so we all balik after class. She want to do piercing, get haircut and tattoo. Haha...

Joseph - OUT!


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