Thursday, November 12, 2009

1 Word! FUN!

Got back from Qbay at 6pm then went out at 6.50pm and head to Gary and CK's house. Going to tag along with CK to go support Gary. He's singing in Ultimaxx Cafe opposite of Qbay Mall with Leaf and Eumene. I had FUN over there! I've been hanging out ALOT with them recently and I find it really FUN. I conversed in Mandarin most of the time but who cares? And I want CK to converse in English! That kiddo is so shy to converse in English. Gotta SPEAK UP! He's got good english, way better than some people that I know. He can construct really good sentence from the way I see his smses to me. Just gotta find the courage to go English!

I know I'm repeating this but I enjoy hanging with them. Hahahaha...

Joseph - HAPPY!


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