Sunday, November 8, 2009

Put Me In An Arguement and I'm Bound to Win...

Gotta fight for what you deserve, right? So together with my other colleagues (we're in the same team), we fought for what we deserved. We explain to 'him' nicely why we don't agree with the sudden change of payment method. Come on, we're just students, some of us are saving the money to get a laptop and other gadgets necessary to help us in our studies. And also for assignments and projects. Some of us are using the salary to support ourself. You expect us to get our salary every 2months? And no basic pay? Just commision? What are we gonna eat on?

I was really fired. Its been a long time since I got involve in an argument. I was like having verbal diarrhoea. Gosh! Anyways, no need to post up so long...just that we won the 'battle'. And now everything is back to normal. No special stuff here and there. Just our basic.

And FYI, I am polite and nice. My attitude does not kill me. I'm still well and alive...

Joseph - OUT!


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