Saturday, November 14, 2009


Went to watch Phobia2 with CK and Gary. That sii gii na, CK! He wanted to watch but he was the one hiding his face behind the jacket throughout the movie! Anyways, here's what I think about the movie...

Phobia2 is a compilation of 5 short horror stories.

First story is about a boy who was sent to a temple deep in the forest to be a monk. He accidentally stepped on the offerings for the hungry ghosts. He got hungry at night and went to this "altar" that was meant for the hungry ghost during the Hungry Ghost Festival. A particular spirit came to haunt him and eventually killed him.

Second story is about an oldman who's brain dead and his so called disciples performed this ritual to transfer his spirit into a young man who was warded in the same room with him.

Third story tells of a drug sneaking syndicate turned wrong where all the people used to smuggle in the drugs end up dead in the truck. The dead later became zombies and ate them.

Fourth story is about a 2nd hand car dealer who gets cars that are badly crashed in accidents and repair them then re-sell them. Soon, the restless souls of those killed in accident came back to haunt her and caused her son's life.

The fifth and final story is a comedy horror! Go watch it for yourself.

Joseph - OUT!


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