Saturday, November 28, 2009


Went to Popular Bookstore's Clearance Sales once again with CK and Gary. The initial plan was to just accompany Gary to get his refund 'cause they accidentally overcharged him the other day. But...Gary ended up spending another extra RM30 on top of the RM30 refund that he got back. LOL!

As for myself, I grabbed 2 copies of Enid Blyton's Children Series. The hardcover ones. While waiting, I saw a very very interesting book. Its Roger Lancelyn Green's Tales of Ancient Egypt. Anything that has to do with Egypt, I'm in. The thing that got me interested in Egyptian Myths is the Age of Mythology game. Haven't stop 'studying' about the myths of the ancient egypts then.

and I end up discarding the Enid Blyton books...LOL!

Managed to finish 2 chapters so far. "Children of Ra" and "Isis and Osiris". Having a blast...
I know I'll get hate mails for this but its way better than Twilight or New Moon. Hahahaha...

Joseph - EGYPTiAN-ing!


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