Friday, November 27, 2009

Teenagers Nowadays...

This is just an observation of mine. I've notice this strange occurance in every teenagers' daily life.
A teenager would wake up and these are the things they do...

1. Switch on their laptop
2. Log into MSN
3. Log into Facebook
4. Log into Skype
5. Open and start streaming
6. Check updates in Facebook
7. Start chatting with friends
8. Open Cafe World in Facebook

Of all these activities, I've noticed 1 thing that's missing. The very first and most important thing when you wake up. BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Hahahaha...

As for me...when I wake up these arethe things I do...

1.Play my mp3s
2. Brush teeth
3. Start singing (I can't sing with morning breath, right?)

If I'm sleeping over at friend's house with a lappy...

1. Login MSN
2. Login Facebook
3. Play some mp3s
4. Go brush teeth
5. Check updates
6. Then start to day dream

Funny thing with teenagers...
HEY! I'm a teenager too, what am I posting???

Joseph - BLURRED! 


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