Monday, November 2, 2009

Black BiTCH!

Before I continue with events that happened on the 1st, something on the 31st of October.

A damn bitchy customer of Sin Wah's rang her up and kept on bugging her about her modem. She kept on going bout her line cannot be used. That she waited for 2hours and she still can't use it. Sin Wah tried her best to explain to her but the indian bitch just kept on yelling at her. Sin Wah then called Vion and me. Vion told her not to answer that bitch's call anymore and ask me to call her instead. So I called up that bitch. She's a damn bitch 'cause she kept on bugging Sin Wah till she got involved in an accident. Bloody black bitch!

So, I called her up and I spoke to her like I'm Sin Wah's superior. She really thought I was her superior so she spoke to me in a very polite manner. But that didn't last long. She ended up shouting also. She was looking for trouble and she did it on purpose. She changed topic now and then. First it was her modem, then she said she wanna terminate her account. Fine, do as you like. But she had to create another problem. She said she wants her money back on the spot. Our procedure is 45 days to return the money. She demand explanation. Fine, I explained to her. By the way, she bugged Sin Wah about the RM100 refund also. After I explained to her, she change topic again! Now she say that she wanna use it in Bukit Merah and P1 Wimax don't have coverage in Bukit Merah. What a BITCH! When she signed up, we ask her where is she using this particular modem and she said in PENANG. Now she say in Bukit Merah. WTF???!!!

I've gotta explode as she was still yelling at me. Everytime I wanna say something, she raise her voice even louder. I couldn't take it anymore so I told her "You keep quiet and listen to me". She really kept quiet and listen to me.

Then she revert back to her old bitchy self and start to yell again. She said that we're making her angry and that she's got feeling. Hello??? You're angry? Then what about my colleague when you kept on calling her and yelling and raising your voice at her??? She dare to say that she didn't call Sin Wah but its Sin Wah who asked her to call her. What the hell??? Then she said she's gonna post on Facebook that P1 cannot be used then she hang up. I called her back and told her "its up to you if you wanna do that but it just proves that you're real immature and should you terminate your account, please do not call up my colleague anymore".

My gawd! Damn bloody black bitch!



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