Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Day Before Today...

Before today, it was yesterday. What happen yesterday? Well, I went for a haircut which I kinda regretted. Then head back home and rot at home till 3.30pm. I went to Gary's house after that. Went to try to do the PowerPoint Presentation for Visual Comm and TRIED to start my Micro's assignment but I'm still blocked. Damn you Micro! I am so damn lost with this stupid assignment. Later that night, Gary, CK, Leaf & Myself, we went to Faces for dinner. Then, we went to the Batu Ferringhi beach for a stroll. We talked crap alot at the beach...

10.30pm, gotta head back! I promised Ren Jie that I'd help him out with his English Assignment. Earlier he had ask me to help him. I was helping him find the sources halfway when Gary ask me to join them for dinner so I told him I'll help him later. I managed to help him with his assignment. Till 12.30am. Phew!

Went back, straight go into PiG Mode!

Joseph - OUT! 


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