Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Feel...USEFUL!

The other day I forgot to mentioned that after Human Comm's lecture class, Kia and Aik Meng came in. The 2 'big cables' in the Mass Comm Society. Haha, they came in to elect new committee members for the Mass Comm Society. The chosen 6 from our batch are...

Winnie Tan Seok Khim
Goh Soo Lyn
Lee Pei Fei
Daryl Tan Wen Xian
Ng Wei Ching
Joseph Pek Kean Boon aka ME!

They'll be choosing another 6 from the Jan-April intake today...
Then the 12 of us will be under probation and we'll be helping out with the upcoming PR event organized by the final year PR students called Penang Heritage Fiesta. Good luck to us!

Joseph - BAD ROMANCiNG...


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