Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday! 24th November 2009...

Finally! Tuesday has arrive...the day where I have classes. Especially Human Communication classes. F-U-N!
Learned about Mass Communication I today. Talked alot about "gatekeepers". Hmm..."gatekeepers", somehow it sounds mythical to me. Its like "I am the Gatekeeper to the Netherworld." Haha, geeky, I know!

Micro oh Micro, I hate you but I need to pass you to pass myself. Gosh!

Aik Meng and Kia round us up for the Mass Communication Society's meeting. We were told to vote for another committee member from our batch because someone from April intake quit. So, we unanimously voted for Vion. She's great with decorating and creative stuffs like that. Our very first job! Decorate the Mass Comm Society's board. Daryl will be designing the fonts etc. Vion and the girls of course will do the decorating. As for myself, I want to write some article. Will get Mr. Aaron's opinion on that. Hmm...movie reviews, album reviews perhaps???

Joseph - EXCiTED! 


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