Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday 8th November 2009

Lets see, signed 1 case in Tesco and 1 case in Alma, BM later on. So total of 4 pieces of modem out. This new promotion that P1 Wimax introduced is like when you sign up for a home modem, you get a portable modem free so we do double sales. Cool!

Wanna know more 'bout the package? Ask me in person!

This little kid named Bill who's a colleague also...damn cheeky! Haha, fun kid to hang around!
On the way to Alma, Bm I did my El Nin-Yo dance again! This time a little bit more SLUTTiER! Hahahaha....

Went for dinner with Gary and CK at Sungai Pinang's foodcourt. Seems to be eating there alot lately. Hmm...I need a haircut. My hair is becoming difficult to style...

Joseph - OUT!


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