Thursday, November 26, 2009

Faker Face! I can read your Faker Face!

I don't get it. Its not like I set a goal to be the smart one in class. I am not a smartass. I don't belittle people when they don't understand stuffs. So, would you wanna make yourself an enemy of me?

This particular person blocked me on MSN, then he removed me from his Facebook. I'm fine with it but don't be a fake/phony. He acted as if nothing ever happened when I see him in college. He can still talk to me like regular. Damn freaking fake. There's so many fake people out there.

So, dear Mr. Fake, are you intimidated by me? do you feel that I'm smarter than you? or are you just plain jealous of what I have? If you feel that being anti-ME would make you feel "smarter", go ahead and keep on doing what you're doing. I could care less. Because I know that by the end of the day, I'll be the one smilling and you'll be your emo self all alone.

So what if you can't answer the lecturer's question in tutorial class? So what if I can answer 'em? Are you mad just because you're no longer teacher's pet? If I can answer the questions post by the lecturer, that means I have an understanding of the topic and of the subject. I don't walk into class stomping my feet and act all emo. I go in with a smile, cheeky at times and leave the class with a proper manner. I can be consider as NiCE so don't make a BiTCH outta me.

I'll lash out to you once you cross my limit. With your current 'behavior', you'll get to nowhere. Why is it being a teacher's pet is so important to you? Sometimes you REFUSED to answer the questions and now when he don't ask you at all, you get touchy. Are you like iN LOVE with this lecturer? Gosh! Get a life!

It's alright, you can continue to hate me for being an active student. You can hate me for being helpful. You can hate me for being smarter than you. Just don't come to me when you need any help. Cuz you've made yourself Joseph's Personal Enemy #1!

I know I'll do better than you because I know what I'm doing and I don't need to be teacher's pet to feel useful, wanted or even smart. I am likeable to lecturers. Wait till next semester, you'll hate me EVEN more! Haha, I pity you...

Joseph - DON'T MESS WiTH ME!


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