Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday 7th November 2009

Work oh work, went there with no spirit at all. Just went there to rebel. I went to work wearing RED SHORTS even though its not allowed. You gotta pay me right for me to work right. Anyways, I changed into my jeans later on. Have to go to Alma, BM at 4pm with Kher Shieu, Gary and another colleague but Gary was sick so only 3 of us. Boring like hell. Nothing there. No one pass by the booth also. We just hung around the Mitsubishi Triton and sang along to my pendrive's MP3s. Oh ya! I danced to Tata Young's El Nin-Yo! Hahaha! Slutty and hiao!!! Kher Shieu laughed till got tears. sales on that day though...

Went to have supper with Tony, Keat, Chiew, Kang, Vion & Sin Wah. We gave Keat a new name. Haha! KenKen! And Tony was previously ToTo but now its Pu To Kua (Raisins) 'cuz he said it was very hot at Gurney Walk that he's turning into Pu To Kua soon. Hahaha!

Reach home at 12.30am. After shower, straightaway went into pig mode...

Joseph - OUT!


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